LTI Advantage is a package of three essential end-user services that build on LTI 1.3. Together, these standards implement features that support key teaching and learning activities, such as the provisioning of usernames and roles so a tool can intelligently address the learner on launch, and the exchange of assignments from a platform to an assessment tool and the subsequent scores back to a central gradebook. 

The basic steps to getting started with LTI Advantage are as follows: 

Watch a couple videos on different aspects of LTI Advantage here: 

What is LTI?

LTI Advantage Overview

Trust in LTI 1.3 Advantage

LTI Advantage for Platforms 

LTI Advantage for Tool Providers 

LTI Advantage Service API Security

LTI Advantage Launch and OIDC

Read and understand the LTI Advantage specification documents here:


Join 1EdTech as a member


Begin implementing by using the Reference Implementation code library (github repository available to 1EdTech members) 


You can test your implementation progress throughout the various stages of development by testing your tool against the hosted Reference Implementation instances here:

When you are ready to test any or all of your products against the LTI certification test suite, you can self test at any time here:

The minimum level of membership for the LTI reference implementation is the Learning Tools and Content Alliance:

There are also some open source LTI libraries that you might find helpful:

While some specification documents are freely available for adoption, 1EdTech membership offers the ability to become certified, access to early spec drafts, testing/adoption resources, inclusion in the TrustEd App product directory, and other benefits. You can see all of the membership details and benefits here:

1EdTech membership is required in order to become LTI certified and the Learning Tools and Content Alliance is the minimum membership level for these benefits. The cost of the Alliance is minimal and varies depending on organization size or revenues. You can see prices and benefits, as well as join online here: 

Certification testing after implementing is critical to ensuring integrations will work with other tools or platforms. While conformance certification provides a "seal" for passing prescribed tests it is much more than that. It is a commitment by a supplier to the 1EdTech community for ongoing support for achieving "plug and play" integration. Certification implies ongoing community commitment to resolve problems, revise implementations and retest as needed. For that reason, only 1EdTech Contributing Members, Affiliate Members and Learning Tools and Content Alliance members are eligible to apply for conformance certification.

If you need any other details or have more questions, please let me know.