OneRoster provides the ability to denote the status of a database record as well as the ability to denote

the status of the object it references. Of particular interest with this distinction is the status of an

enrollment in a class. Suppliers should be careful to observe this distinction. The status field on the

record MUST be used to identify the state of that record ONLY. I.E. this is an active record or this record

needs to be deleted. In order to denote whether or not the enrollment into the class is active, past, or

future dated; suppliers SHOULD adhere to use of the optional begin and end date properties also in the


For example, an enrollment record with no end date would indicate that the enrollment is currently active.

Whereas a record with an end date in the past would indicate that the enrollment is no longer active. If

that inactive enrollment also has an status indicator of active, that merely means that the record should

be kept in the database for historical reasons. Similar conventions can be used to indicate future


Note: NULL and EMPTY fields MUST NOT occur within a JSON payload (note this is NOT dependent on

the multiplicity of the field). In many cases, a NULL/EMPTY value is a data-type violation and would be

declared as such when using JSON Schema Validation.

Instead lack of data should simply be represented by the data element not appearing in the JSON