OneRoster 1.1 requires that all requests MUST support error reporting. The set of error code responses

defined in OneRoster 1.1 can be found here.

Additionally, It is RECOMMENDED that implementations also provide more information about errors to

requesters in the form of a dedicated error payload. As more than one error can potentially occur, the

payload should be ready to report an array of potential errors:

The definition of the error payloads in OneRoster 1.1 consists of 4 data elements:

- CodeMajor enumeration: { success | failure };

- Severity enumeration: { status | error | warning };

- CodeMinor enumeration: { full success | unknown object | invalid data | unauthorized | invalid_sort_field

| invalid_filter_field | invalid_selection_field };

- Description: A text string providing a human readable description of the error that happened