SourcedID is used to provide the unique identification of any object between two OneRoster endsystems.

Ideally, each sourcedID should be a globally unique identifier (Note: the OneRoster

specification is not opinionated on the construction of this identifier). Since organizations are free to

define sourcedID's as they deem fit it is important to be vigilant and be mindful of the consequences of

the use of certain conventions.

The sourcedId for a record SHOULD NOT be changed. If a change is made then a remapping process

has to be undertaken; remapping of sourcedIds is a prolonged and expensive activity). Therefore, when

assigning sourcedIds the following guidelines SHOULD be used:

• Do NOT include information that MAY change e.g. record status, SIS name, SIS version, user email

address, etc.

• Do NOT include information that MAY reveal PII e.g. user names, user address, user email address,


• Do NOT using construction/concatenation of field data

• Consider using some established GUID format e.g. UUID.