In both CSV and REST API bindings, a property that has a data-type of Date/Time MUST comply with the ISO 8061 format.  Such properties include ‘dateLastModified’.  The format MUST be YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.sssZ i.e. all fields MUST be present and accompanied by the set of delimiters, where (left to right  definition of the fields): 

•        ‘YYYY’ – the year 

•        ‘MM’ – the month (value range of 01-12)

•        ‘DD’ – the day (value range of 01-31, with the maximum value dependent on the Month/Year values) 

•        ‘HH’ – the hour (value range of 00-23) 

•        ‘MM’ – the minute (value range of 00-59)

 •        ‘SS’ – the second (value range of 00-59) 

•        ‘sss’ – the number of milliseconds (value range of 000-999) 

The ‘Z’ character denotes the UTC time-zone i.e. the Date/Time MUST use this as the reference time-zone.