Yes.  All Service Providers MUST support requests from a Consumer that include the use of ‘filter’ Query Parameter and MUST provide only the data that complies with the filter.  Filtering through the ‘dateLastModified’ field MUST be supported by a Service Provider.  

The filtering rules that MUST be supported are: Equal, (=) Not Equal (!=), Greater Than (>), Greater Than or Equal (≥), Lesser Than (<), Lesser Than or Equal(≤) and Contains (~). A Service Provider MUST also support the use of combining two rules using the predicates of “AND” and “OR”.  Only one predicate is permitted in a filtered request. In general, a request using filtering will receive back only a subset of the available data for the same request without filtering. 

 A request, with a correctly formed filter parameter, that results in no data being found that complies with the filter, will have a HTTP status code of 200 being returned i.e. success.