IMS Global operates the CASE Network to provide a single, verifiable, trusted source of learning standards and workforce competencies in digital format, making it easier to support aligned instruction. The CASE Network registry software is an “all-in-one” standard authoring, verification, and distribution service available State Education Agencies, school districts, and edtech suppliers to publish, distribute, discover, and use official learning standards at no-cost with no IMS membership required.  Visit:

Competency & Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE) is a data standard designed specifically for issuing official learning standards and workforce competencies in an interchangeable, digital format that works seamlessly across the various district data systems. By using software to create official learning standards in CASE format, Districts can generate a unique number, known as a Global Unique Identifier (GUID), for each framework and each standard within a given framework that is uniquely their own. These GUIDs make easier for various systems to share standards specific to the district, aligns resources to those standards, deliver assessments based on those frameworks, and report results without the human manipulation, i.e., the re-keying and “cutting-and-pasting,” that currently occurs.


Illinois Learning Standards in Math (2010)

4th Grade Standard (Text)

4.NF.A Extend understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering.

Unique Identifier (GUID)