Conformance Details

All of the conformance certification tests are run and completed by the individual organization, IMS does not conduct the testing. Once completed, results are then submitted to IMS for review.  Upon approval, you will be sent details on how to complete the certification, which includes submitting details about your product, organization, and other information to help potential customers learn more about your product(s).

By completing and submitting the results form, you are agreeing that these test results are an accurate representation of a properly executed certification testing process and that the document is a true and accurate representation of the results of that process.

Key Points For Suppliers:

  1. There is no charge for running the test. You can run the test as many times as you want, against as many of your products as you want, as long as you are an IMS Member. You can find various membership options to suit your needs.
  2. Contributing Members can test against any IMS Standard. Affiliate members may test against most of the standards, specifically, Common Cartridge, Learning Tools Interoperability, Question and Test Interoperability, OneRoster, Learning Information Services, Open Badges and Caliper Analytics. Alliance members may only test against the standards covered in their Alliance. For instance, if you are a Learning Tools and Content Alliance Member, you can test against Learning Tools Interoperability, Common Cartridge, and Thin Common Cartridge.
  3. Certifications expire after one year and must be re-run. Certifications also expire if your organization does not maintain your IMS Membership. Find more information on re-certification.(members only link)
  4. Once IMS confirms successful completion of conformance, you may display the IMS Certification logo on your website and in marketing materials according to the IMS Global Conformance Certification Process, Trademark Usage and Communications Policy.(members only link)
  5. By gaining IMS conformance certification, you agree to work with IMS to resolve any conformance related issues brought forth by users of your certified product(s).